Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

Zara Jacket!!

Here is the stuff I bought on our trip to Munich. Actually the jacket is not exactly from Munich, I just saw the jacket there, but it was not available in my size. I was sooooo disappointed, but when we went back home my boyfriend wanted to stop in Nuremberg(Nürnberg). First, I didn't wanted to visit the city, because as you know we went to the Oktoberfest the da before and I was really tired. But then, we went to Zara and i discovered the last jacket and it was actually my size. The last one in the whole shop!!Lucky me!! And it cost only 50 euros. What a catch! And thanky to my boyfriend who kept bugging me to vistit Nuremberg! X


  1. I love that jacket sooo much!!! I was just in Zara (in Toronto, Canada) today and they had it!!! you are soo lucky you got it in your size!!! YAYAYY!!!!! have fun in it!
    Love your bloggy!!!
    Big kisses,
    xo Beckerman Girls


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  3. Thx for leaving such nice comments you guys.. @Beckerman Girls I hope you found the jacket in your size, too.
    @ sickbytrend Thank you so much for following. Will check out your blog right now;-) XOXO