Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

New Stuff!!

Wanted to show you the new stuff I bought at Accessorize. I fell in love with the blanket-poncho-thingie , the moment I saw it and I was so relieved to find it,because I wanted to have the one from Topshop, but, as you might know, unfortunately it was sold out everywhere. I have to tell you I was really getting desperate walking troúgh the city to find a similar one and then there it was: the alternative to the Topshop blanket. And the best thing is you can turn it around to wear it either in darkgrey or in lightgrey.
Yeah. Now, it has to get colder out here, so that I can wear it.
And I also bought this fabolous cat ring. Isn't it amazing?!
And I bought sth. nice in Munich that I'll show you later.XOXO