Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Late Christmas Wishes

Our little Christmas tree!
The books I got as a Christmas present, which I' ve already read through.Passionate bookworm as I am
Some of the clothes I got.

Hey you guys, I wish you all a late Merry Christmas. I wasn't able to post something during Christmas, because I was busy running around from one family celebration to another, eating too much and too good and being happy about all the presents I got. And of course I was busy reading through the books I got for Christmas. I have, already read through all of them within two days. They were just so exciting and I could not stop reading. So to all german readers: worthy books to read if you like stories with many secrets and a bit fantasy, as the main character in the book has a gen which allows her to jump into the past. And of course, a love story is involved:-)
I also got some nice clothes, a perfume which smells really nice(will show you later), lot of candies and a new sewing machine. That is so great. Finally I am able to make my own clothes and I have so many ideas in mind. Tommorow I'll directly go to buy some fabrics. You can be excited about my own creations then. So stay tuned.
Now off to work... Wish you all a nice monday and hope Santa brought you as many nice presents as he brought me.. XOXO

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Winter Wonderland!!

My new fur hat!

It has been snowing here for a while and now we have about 30 cm of snow. I love it but there has been a lot of chaos on the streets. But anyway it is getting me into a Christmas mood:-). I am really exited just 3 days left until Christmas.
Today I wore my new sweater from Storets(feel a bit like a bat while wearing it) but it is just so comfy and at the moment I really love knitted oversized sweaters. So when I saw it I thought it was just perfect for me. Also wore my grey leggings as well as my Emus(cannot live without them right now, because they're keeping my feets soooo warm) and I wore my new hat from Accessorize. Isn't it lovely? Looks a bit like a racoon with the fur and the 'ears'. Necklace is Primark and rings are H&M. Just tommorow and then finally Christmas holidays I really need a break from university and everything. Hope you guys have a nice week and hopefully you have all your presents gathered together;-)..XOXO

Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

Happy 3rd Advent!!!

Hey guys,
I wish you all a happy third advent. Not even two weeks left until Christmas, hope you all have your presents ready.
This is what I wore on friday. Decided to wear some darker colors and pair my khaki striped sweater with my darkgrey jeggins.
Also got some new stuff from Primark. You'll see everything I bought in the upcoming outfit posts.
So now I'ss drink some tea and get my spanish homework done. Wish you all a nice evening.. XOXO

Shirt: H&M/Pants:Vero Moda/Shoes:UGG/Headband&Necklace:Primark

Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Outfit today!

Here is what I am wearing today.
Love this knitted jumper, looks a bit like it is destroyed, hope you can see that on the photos.
Today I go shopping with my boyfriend. For Christmas. And in the evening dinner at our favourite italian restaurant.
And by the way, don't look at my feet. These are my home shoes. Actually I am wearing my frey EMU boots. :-)
Hope you all had a nice week.


Knit: Monki
Pants: H&M
Longsleeve: H&M
Jewelery: H&M and my Mom's old rings

Montag, 29. November 2010

Winter Walk!!!

Today it started to snow here!! I love snow generally, but I don't like to drive my car then. But anyway I am happy with the snow:-)
Haven't posted in a while because I am very busy with university...
We took these photos last sunday. It was a beautiful winter day and we decided to go out to walk a ,little bit. Afterwards we went to my favourite cafe and got us some cake. I have to say this cafe makes the best cake ever.
I wore my lovely black cape and ,my mouse hat and my favourite winter shoes: My EMU boots to keep my feet warm. This was the best invested money I have ever spent in my whole life. You'll see them a lot more because I can't bear to wear anything else on my feet in winter. But I thought about getting them in another color as well:-).

Now I'll eat sth. after a long day at university..
Hey, yesterady was the first advent. Hope you all lit up a candle:-)

Have a nice evening!!! XOXO

Cape: American Apparel
Trousers: Replay
Boots: EMU
Hat: Accessorize

Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Wanted to show you ab outfit I wore when my girls and I were out in a restaurant. I wore this kind of outfit with my bear hat. Remember?Amazing how fast you can change a casual outfit to a rather more elegant one by putting on high heels, redo your hair and putting on some nice earrings.
Today was like a little bit of heaven for me. I was looking for a khaki nail polish like that one from chanel for... it felt like forever.. and today I found it!! Yippieee.. I will show you how great it looks on the nails in my next ourfit post so stay tuned!!! And I finally had the luck to find a black(rather two:-)) black pants, whicvh I have also been looking for ages.. So two things to scratch from my "what-I-relly-must-have" list..
Have a nice evening..XOXO

Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Saturday Night Fever

I am not able to post very often these days, because I am totally wrapped up with homework and presentations etc. I am not even able to shoot photos of my outfit. But this will get better, I promise.
So what do you think about the outfit I choose for a party I went to yesterday with my girlfriends? This zebra dress is rather an old one, but I kind of rediscovered it yesterday, when I had a "what-to-wear-crisis". I also chose my most loved feather earrings. Will show you a close up during this week.
Today is just chilling and doing my homework. Hope you had all a nice week..
Have a wonderful evening.. XOXO

Dress: Vero Moda
Shoes: ?

Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Outfit post!!

This is what I wore on Friday, when I was working... Do you like the grey sweater? Thought it would look great to pair it with tights and a jumpsuit. What do you think about the result?
My weekend was not that good, as I had a car accident.. Very annoying..
Anyway, I wish you all a happy sunday...


Shirt/Jumper: H&M
Beanie: ?
Tights: Falke

Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Getting stormy...

This is what I am wearing today... Decided to pair my new dotted shirt very simple with a black skirt and tights, because I thought the shirt itself is an eyecatcher. I also wore my most favourite leather jacket, which is studded at the collar and my new favourite red lipstick. What do you think about the result? As you can see in the background of the pics it is getting stormy and it became very windy while I shot this photos..
I hope you all had a happy halloween.. I will show you pictures of my outfit as soon as my friend sends them to me. But to be exited, I costumed as a fallen angel with black wings and a feathered mask.
Now, as always I have to do some stuff for university. I am really busy these days and it'll just get worse as I have to do about 4 presentations, sit 7 exams and write many many texts. I think you know what I am talking about. Anyway, wish you all a nice evening and stay tuned for the next outfit post.. XOXO

sirt/skirt: H&M
leather jacket: Topshop
rngs: vintage
necklace: Accessorize
shoes: too old to remember

Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

Mouse Hat!!!

Here comes my new hat!!!Isn't it lovely.. Looks just like a mouse. I saw it and I instantly fell in love with it..
I paired it with my acid washed jeans and my new tee, that I bought yesterday. I think the shape is just perfect and therefore I biught it in two more colours:-).. You can never know when you'll find a shirt which you think the shape is perfect.
And I wore my most loved shoes from Anniel. Anniel actually was a company which produced shoes for dancer, but they are now producing street shoes as well. I totally love these shoes because they are sooo comfortable to walk in.
Tonight it's ladies' night out and we decided to go to vapiano to eat sth and then drinking cocktails.. I am excited.
Have a nice weekend you all..XOXO

Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

Outfit today!!

This is what I wore today for university. Tried to keep it casual with just one necklace.
Yesterday my boyfriend an I went to an event, where the 5 best "Currywurstbuden" presented their "Currywurst".(For the readers who are from abroad a "Currywurst" is a cut sausage or Bratwurst with a curry sauce, you normally eat it with fries; it tastes really great and if you ever visit germany try it!! )At this event I ate the best "Currywurst" in my whole life. With the best sauce ever. Unfortunately, I was so busy eating as much as I could that I didn't took any photos. Sorry for that. But the evening was really fun.
Today some new stuff arrived, I told you I have to get my winter wardrobe stocked up. I'll show you later what found its way into my wardrobe. Maybe you have any suggestions for nice winter sweater, tops, whatever... ?? Hope you'll help me with leaving any suggestions.Now, I'll drink some peppermint tea and watch some TV! Have a nice evening..XOXO

Shirt: Benetton
Jeans: Diesel
Shoes: ?
waistcoat: Vero Moda
Scarf:(Loop): H&M

Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

You ever love somebody so much you barely breathe...

This is what I wore today. You will see a lot of comfy outfits from now on, because when it's getting colder I like to where clothes which I feel comfy with and the most important thing which keeps me warm.
This is the new sweater I bought at H&M I instantly fell in love with the lace collar and the nice puff sleeves. I paired it with the biker boots I most love in my wardrobe, because I thought the sweater needed a hard contrast. Don't you thinK the bow ring and earrings I wore are totally cute?!
Anyway, today evening my boyfriend are going out for dinner. We decided to go to Vapiano, best Italian food ever, and now I am waiting for him to come home and I am already starving. If I am not too hungry I will take some photos, but I am afraid I'll just wolf the food down! Have a nice evening and a nice weekend!! XOXO