Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Late Christmas Wishes

Our little Christmas tree!
The books I got as a Christmas present, which I' ve already read through.Passionate bookworm as I am
Some of the clothes I got.

Hey you guys, I wish you all a late Merry Christmas. I wasn't able to post something during Christmas, because I was busy running around from one family celebration to another, eating too much and too good and being happy about all the presents I got. And of course I was busy reading through the books I got for Christmas. I have, already read through all of them within two days. They were just so exciting and I could not stop reading. So to all german readers: worthy books to read if you like stories with many secrets and a bit fantasy, as the main character in the book has a gen which allows her to jump into the past. And of course, a love story is involved:-)
I also got some nice clothes, a perfume which smells really nice(will show you later), lot of candies and a new sewing machine. That is so great. Finally I am able to make my own clothes and I have so many ideas in mind. Tommorow I'll directly go to buy some fabrics. You can be excited about my own creations then. So stay tuned.
Now off to work... Wish you all a nice monday and hope Santa brought you as many nice presents as he brought me.. XOXO

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