Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Winter Wonderland!!

My new fur hat!

It has been snowing here for a while and now we have about 30 cm of snow. I love it but there has been a lot of chaos on the streets. But anyway it is getting me into a Christmas mood:-). I am really exited just 3 days left until Christmas.
Today I wore my new sweater from Storets(feel a bit like a bat while wearing it) but it is just so comfy and at the moment I really love knitted oversized sweaters. So when I saw it I thought it was just perfect for me. Also wore my grey leggings as well as my Emus(cannot live without them right now, because they're keeping my feets soooo warm) and I wore my new hat from Accessorize. Isn't it lovely? Looks a bit like a racoon with the fur and the 'ears'. Necklace is Primark and rings are H&M. Just tommorow and then finally Christmas holidays I really need a break from university and everything. Hope you guys have a nice week and hopefully you have all your presents gathered together;-)..XOXO


  1. great hat and outfit :)
    Marry Christmas!

  2. your hat is adorable! i've been looking for something like that and a cape for quite a while. you and i are on the same page! haha


  3. happy christmas :D
    nice blog :D
    haaaat <3

    if U want follow me and write comment ;*