Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

Here we go: Los Angeles/ Hollywood

Here are some pics of the first day when my boyfriend arrived in LA. Of course, I showed him my university and where I've lived when I attended classes there! The stairs I am sitting on were so huge. You wouldn't believe how many flights it has. And I had to climb them every single day and I can tell you it was always HOT and the sun was shining directly on the stairs. UFF!!

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Very late update!!!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts! I can't belive it's been sooo long since I've posted!
So much things changed over the last months and I was not sure if I wanted to keep on blogging! I guess I just wanted a little break! But I kind of missed blogging and sharing things with my readers so here I am again! :-)
Let me update you a little bit!!!!

Samstag, 3. September 2011

little feather take me up to the sky...

I've been longing to get feather extensions since I saw them for the first time! Unfortunately, I couldn't find a hairstylist in Germany who did this!
I was really happy when I found supercool hairstylist here in L.A who did feather extensions!
I walked in there yesterday and it took 5 minutes to get those lovely feather extensions!!! Luckily a friend of mine took a snapshot of one of my extensions so here we go....

I got two extensions. The one you can see in the picture at the top of my hair so that this one shows when my hair falls on my shoulders and another one on the same side and this one shows when I'm taking my front hair back!
I just love mine they're really subtle if you want them to, but they can also fancy your look if you decide to show them! I will show them all the time of course :-)! They match my hippie look perfectly!!!!
Ok lovelies, 6 days left until I see my boyfriend again! Can't wait missed him like crazy!

Have a nice Saturday.... XOXO

Montag, 29. August 2011


I do love Hollywood!!! It is fantastic! So crowded and busy and whatever!
It's my 5th week here and next week is my last one so I am all mixed up in learning for the upcoming finals next week! In addition to that I have to organize the car dor our road trip which is a hell of a work as alsmost every car rental has fees for underaged people(meaning under 25!!!)
Can you believe that? I am from Germany and I had to take proper driving lessons and had to take two(!!) tests to get my driver's license! I guess I am able to drive a car without damaging it completely! Why I am so upset about this fee is that it's so expensive! Many big car companies add $ 450 to the rental price and if they do that your car is gonna cost $1200! And I guess that is a bit overexpensive just because you're under 25!
Anyway, I found a car company which doesn't charge you the underaged fee if you're over 21(lucky me)! Gonna go there on Friday to check it out! Wish me luck :-)!

So excited to see my boyfriend next week after six weeks of being here without him :-)!
Now I am studying!
Have a good day you all ! XOXOXO

Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Bye Bye Party Outfit:-)

Just quickly wanted to show you the outfit I wore on the surprise party!
As you might know this was actually intended to be an outfit for an Italian restaurant as I didn't actually knew I was going to a surprise party!
Well, sometimes in life things are surprising:-)!

Today was not very exciting as I am sitting a midterm on Thursday - the result: I have to study the whole evening!
Anyway, I did some great stuff here already but that I'll show you later!
For now just the intended outfit for a dinner:-)

By the way thank you for the nice comments I really appreciate them and I am always happy if you visit and make a comment:-)!

Have a nice evening!


Donnerstag, 11. August 2011


Finally, I am able to post!
I arrived at UCLA on the 30th of July and from then on I was so busy adjusting to my new enviroment, getting to know some people and go sightseeing all trough L.A!
I am gonna be here for 5 more weeks for summer school! I like it so far, the weather is always great the food is not that bad as everybody says about American food and the lectures are great which might be due to the cool teachers!
Well, I'm gonna update you:

the weekend before I left for UCLA my parents gave a goodbye-party for me which was really sweet and my girls came and I got some presents and it was a very fun night, although I thought I was going to an Italian restaurant with my parents and my boyfriend and I must have looked rather shocked when I came into my parents' livin room:-)!
Anyway, it was a great evening and I was once more happy to have such sweet parents, friends and a boyfriend around me!

The week before I left was rather busy as everybody wanted to meet me before I left so I was running from one date to another:-)!

My flight was ok but the night before I felt very sick maybe because I didn't want to leave! Might sound crazy, but I rather would've liked to stay home because I wanted to be with my boyfriend and my best friend and my family and I really couldn't understand why I should leave(because it is for my studies but that's another story)!

Anyay, when left I was crying like a baby and didn't want to leave! This feeling stayed with me for the first weeks because I missed everybody so much(which I still do but I get used to it) and my biggest wish was to fly back home!

But now I am happy to be here and enjoying the time and the opportunity I have here to study at one of the best universities in the world!

Now that I'm not as lethargic as in the first week I am gonna post more stuff:-)!

Well on the pics you can see the Hollywood sign, a part of the huge(!!!) campus and one of the nicest buildungs here, where Angels& Demons was actually shot:-)
Oh yes, and on the last pic you can see me kissing the UCLA Bruin Bear:-)

Now I am trying to sleep but I promise I'm gonna keep you updated!


Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Tic Toc...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!
I was so mixed up in my exams but now (Thank God) they´re finally over!
Last oral on Tuesday and that's it!
The time is also ticking for my trip to L.A! Well, not exactly a trip! I'm going to study at UCLA for 2 months! I'm excited as well as a little bit scared! I have never been to another CONTINENT, not just city or country but continent, all alone! Either parents, friends and mostly my boyfriend were with me! And I'm gonna miss them all as hell!
Anyway, wore this outfit couple of days ago as the weather here is changing from hour to hour from hot as hell to ass cold!
We have a summer festival here this weekend and the weather is not exactly nice to us right now!Rain,Rain and guess what Rain!

The shirt is one of my favourites! I just can't say no to stripes! Paired it with my destroyed shorts,which I recently got, and, of course, my Isabel Marant look-a-like boots!
Now I'm off! Enjoy your Sunday! I am gonna learn for my oral the rest of the day:-(!

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Let the sun shine again...

Today we have really bad weather! After almost 40 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, the temperatures dropped to 15 to 20! To lighten up my mood, I thought I might as well upload my outfit from last Sunday! I whore my new dress which I bought from H&M a couple of days ago for just 10 euros! Great price huh!
I am totally into fringe right now which you can see from my bag and sandals!
Now I have to revise some stuff as I am sitting an exam tommorow! Wish me luck guys!


Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Juist Part II

Hey there,

next part of our holiday pics!
As you can see it was very windy on our first day there but the weather changed the day after and we had the brightest sunshine!
After we being at the beach we went to a cafe which serves the best tea on the whole little island and I just love the way they arrange the tea! In this lovely old china tea sets!
My favourite is the black-mango tea! So delicious.
We arw going to get great weather here this week! Yestarday it was rainy and about 15 degress and today it's about 27 degrees and temperatures are getting up to 37 degrees next week! If you ask me it's a little bit too fast even though I love summer!

Now heading off to sit in a cafe and enjoy the weather eben though it's not so sunny today! XOXOXO

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Juist Part I

We got back from our holidays on Thursday! It was a great trip we went to a very little island in the german North Sea which is called Juist to relax and just do nothing! And I have to say it worked! I am still relaxed and feel like I've loaded up my batteries! It is a really nice and pretty island! And we were really lucky: the weather there was great, we were able to enjoy the beach and I even got a little bit tanned!!
This was really necessary as kind of stressful times are coming up! The first exams are coming up soon!
Anyway now relaxing until I have to get up early tomorrow to go to university! Have a great evening!

We saw that little boat on our way with the fare! I thought it looke just so sweet and old!

Me on the fare!

This is the front sight of the island!Pretty isn't it?

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Holiday is coming...

Finally, pentecost holidays are here! I got a whole week off from university!
Will spend my holidays in Juist! It's an island in the German North Sea! Hope the weather will be fine! Cross your fingers for me:-)!
Wore this a couple of days ago! Like this outfit because I think it looks kind of summerish!

Have a nice Sunday!!! XOXO


Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Outfit post!

Wore this outfit a couple of days ago!
Paired my favourite acid washed jeans with a new top I bougth from H&M! Actually it was really cheap just about 10€! To make the outfit whole I added fringed sandals in the same color as the shirt is! Otherwise I thought it would be too much to add another color with the acid washed jeans and all! Think would have looked a bit too much!What do you think?

Have a nice Sunday!

Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Yes,Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!!

I was so desperately longing for Isabel Marant boots like I have seen them on Kate Bosworth for a thousand times but they were too expensive and I almost gave up my hope that I would find some similar ones and then.... TADAAAAA... I've finally found them!
I was nearly hysteric when I found them and this might sound a little bit crazy but my fingers were trembling with excitement when I ordered them!:-)
I just love the brown suede and just everything!
They'll be my perfect summer boots! Gonna pair them with dresses and jeans shorts and jumpers...

Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

New Cell: Blackberry Bold

There it is!Finally! The lovely lovely Blackberry Bold I have wanted for so long!I got it on Friday!
And it was really necessary because my old one started to annoy me recently!
From my experience with this cell until now it is really worth buying! I love everything the style, the software and a huge plus is that it is really easy to handle! Which for me is very important!

Now I am off!! Wish you all a nice Saturday! XOXO

Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Birthday outfit

This is what I wore on Friday when my boyfriend and me went to dinner!
The cream colored top is my favourite at the moment because you can wear it casual as well as chic! You can't see it on tese pictures but the back is a bit transparent!
I paired it with my oversize black clutch and my 70ies heels!

Now I am heading off to university for schwedisch! Have a nice weekend!!! XOXO

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Happy Birthday to me...

I turned 23 on Friday(yes, I was also born on a Friday the 13th) and I had such an amazing weekend(that's also why I wasn't able to post anything).
I went to brunch with my parents on friday mroning and I got the most wonderful bike you can imagine. Will show you some pictures but for now I have to tell it is lilac and when I saw it I instantly fell in love with it. And apparently my mum remembered:-). It stand in front of the door when I came and was accessorized with a huge red bow and a pink balloon. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a photo because I was so excited!
My boyfriend got me skates and a holiday trip during pentecostbreak! In the evening we went for dinner and today I had an amazing birthday brunch with my friends!
It was really a wonderful weekend and I would like to thank the people who made it come true. My parents and my boyfriend to name especially! I am really happy to have such wonderful family and so amazing people in my life!!
And now I am off for dinner with a friend of mine! Have a wonderful sunday!!! XOXOXO


Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Hippie in the Sun

These pictures were taken last Sunday!It was warm and sunny and so we decided to go to the oark and lay down in the grass! I think I look like a Hippie in the first picture! And the feather necklace, aviator sunglasses and the fringed bag make it even more look like it!
I really like hippie styles for this season and that is why this outfit is one of my favourites for this summer season.

Now I am off and wish you all a nices sunday evening!!!XOXO

Shirt/Necklace: H&M/ Shorts/Shoes: Primark/ fringed bag: Vero Moda

So in love with that yellow flower!

Freitag, 29. April 2011


Hello Guys..

Finally Friday Huh...
I wore this outfit couple of days ago! Yes, it was warm enought to wear shorts! Amazing! Today I am goint to the movies to watch Thor! It got a lot of good critics so I hope it'll be good!
Wgen I wore the shirt somebody asked me if it's me on the shirt! I am not quite sure if I have any resemblance with that pic!?!
Now I am off!!!

Have a nice Friday!!!

Montag, 25. April 2011

Happy Easter!!!

I wish you all a Happy Easter!!! Hope you've found all the hidden eggs(I don't know if the egg hiding is only a german tradition)!!! Enjoy the last Easter Day!!! XOXO