Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

Here we go: Los Angeles/ Hollywood

Here are some pics of the first day when my boyfriend arrived in LA. Of course, I showed him my university and where I've lived when I attended classes there! The stairs I am sitting on were so huge. You wouldn't believe how many flights it has. And I had to climb them every single day and I can tell you it was always HOT and the sun was shining directly on the stairs. UFF!! We visited Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice during the first days and then we drove to make a quick stop in Miami and Santa Barbara before we drove to San Francisco! Pictures are to follow and I can tell you there are loads of them ;-)! I can't belive that Christmas is almost there. We just celebrated the 3rd Advent! Wow! This years has gone by a little too fast if you ask me! But I just love Christmas time! All the Chrtistmas markets and the food!Yummy! What do you like about Christmas? This week we're gonna buy our Christmas tree! I am so exited about the week after Christmas because we're gonna visit our little puppy for the first time then!!! :-)))! Can't wait! Now, lovebugs, I have to work on my Bachelor Thesis. I have an appointment with my Professor tomorrow. Let's see how this goes! Have a great week!! XOXO

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