Montag, 29. August 2011


I do love Hollywood!!! It is fantastic! So crowded and busy and whatever!
It's my 5th week here and next week is my last one so I am all mixed up in learning for the upcoming finals next week! In addition to that I have to organize the car dor our road trip which is a hell of a work as alsmost every car rental has fees for underaged people(meaning under 25!!!)
Can you believe that? I am from Germany and I had to take proper driving lessons and had to take two(!!) tests to get my driver's license! I guess I am able to drive a car without damaging it completely! Why I am so upset about this fee is that it's so expensive! Many big car companies add $ 450 to the rental price and if they do that your car is gonna cost $1200! And I guess that is a bit overexpensive just because you're under 25!
Anyway, I found a car company which doesn't charge you the underaged fee if you're over 21(lucky me)! Gonna go there on Friday to check it out! Wish me luck :-)!

So excited to see my boyfriend next week after six weeks of being here without him :-)!
Now I am studying!
Have a good day you all ! XOXOXO

Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Bye Bye Party Outfit:-)

Just quickly wanted to show you the outfit I wore on the surprise party!
As you might know this was actually intended to be an outfit for an Italian restaurant as I didn't actually knew I was going to a surprise party!
Well, sometimes in life things are surprising:-)!

Today was not very exciting as I am sitting a midterm on Thursday - the result: I have to study the whole evening!
Anyway, I did some great stuff here already but that I'll show you later!
For now just the intended outfit for a dinner:-)

By the way thank you for the nice comments I really appreciate them and I am always happy if you visit and make a comment:-)!

Have a nice evening!


Donnerstag, 11. August 2011


Finally, I am able to post!
I arrived at UCLA on the 30th of July and from then on I was so busy adjusting to my new enviroment, getting to know some people and go sightseeing all trough L.A!
I am gonna be here for 5 more weeks for summer school! I like it so far, the weather is always great the food is not that bad as everybody says about American food and the lectures are great which might be due to the cool teachers!
Well, I'm gonna update you:

the weekend before I left for UCLA my parents gave a goodbye-party for me which was really sweet and my girls came and I got some presents and it was a very fun night, although I thought I was going to an Italian restaurant with my parents and my boyfriend and I must have looked rather shocked when I came into my parents' livin room:-)!
Anyway, it was a great evening and I was once more happy to have such sweet parents, friends and a boyfriend around me!

The week before I left was rather busy as everybody wanted to meet me before I left so I was running from one date to another:-)!

My flight was ok but the night before I felt very sick maybe because I didn't want to leave! Might sound crazy, but I rather would've liked to stay home because I wanted to be with my boyfriend and my best friend and my family and I really couldn't understand why I should leave(because it is for my studies but that's another story)!

Anyay, when left I was crying like a baby and didn't want to leave! This feeling stayed with me for the first weeks because I missed everybody so much(which I still do but I get used to it) and my biggest wish was to fly back home!

But now I am happy to be here and enjoying the time and the opportunity I have here to study at one of the best universities in the world!

Now that I'm not as lethargic as in the first week I am gonna post more stuff:-)!

Well on the pics you can see the Hollywood sign, a part of the huge(!!!) campus and one of the nicest buildungs here, where Angels& Demons was actually shot:-)
Oh yes, and on the last pic you can see me kissing the UCLA Bruin Bear:-)

Now I am trying to sleep but I promise I'm gonna keep you updated!