Samstag, 3. September 2011

little feather take me up to the sky...

I've been longing to get feather extensions since I saw them for the first time! Unfortunately, I couldn't find a hairstylist in Germany who did this!
I was really happy when I found supercool hairstylist here in L.A who did feather extensions!
I walked in there yesterday and it took 5 minutes to get those lovely feather extensions!!! Luckily a friend of mine took a snapshot of one of my extensions so here we go....

I got two extensions. The one you can see in the picture at the top of my hair so that this one shows when my hair falls on my shoulders and another one on the same side and this one shows when I'm taking my front hair back!
I just love mine they're really subtle if you want them to, but they can also fancy your look if you decide to show them! I will show them all the time of course :-)! They match my hippie look perfectly!!!!
Ok lovelies, 6 days left until I see my boyfriend again! Can't wait missed him like crazy!

Have a nice Saturday.... XOXO