Montag, 29. August 2011


I do love Hollywood!!! It is fantastic! So crowded and busy and whatever!
It's my 5th week here and next week is my last one so I am all mixed up in learning for the upcoming finals next week! In addition to that I have to organize the car dor our road trip which is a hell of a work as alsmost every car rental has fees for underaged people(meaning under 25!!!)
Can you believe that? I am from Germany and I had to take proper driving lessons and had to take two(!!) tests to get my driver's license! I guess I am able to drive a car without damaging it completely! Why I am so upset about this fee is that it's so expensive! Many big car companies add $ 450 to the rental price and if they do that your car is gonna cost $1200! And I guess that is a bit overexpensive just because you're under 25!
Anyway, I found a car company which doesn't charge you the underaged fee if you're over 21(lucky me)! Gonna go there on Friday to check it out! Wish me luck :-)!

So excited to see my boyfriend next week after six weeks of being here without him :-)!
Now I am studying!
Have a good day you all ! XOXOXO

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