Montag, 29. November 2010

Winter Walk!!!

Today it started to snow here!! I love snow generally, but I don't like to drive my car then. But anyway I am happy with the snow:-)
Haven't posted in a while because I am very busy with university...
We took these photos last sunday. It was a beautiful winter day and we decided to go out to walk a ,little bit. Afterwards we went to my favourite cafe and got us some cake. I have to say this cafe makes the best cake ever.
I wore my lovely black cape and ,my mouse hat and my favourite winter shoes: My EMU boots to keep my feet warm. This was the best invested money I have ever spent in my whole life. You'll see them a lot more because I can't bear to wear anything else on my feet in winter. But I thought about getting them in another color as well:-).

Now I'll eat sth. after a long day at university..
Hey, yesterady was the first advent. Hope you all lit up a candle:-)

Have a nice evening!!! XOXO

Cape: American Apparel
Trousers: Replay
Boots: EMU
Hat: Accessorize

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  1. omg love the hat! is so cute!!!!