Montag, 18. Oktober 2010


Chilly out so I started layering!!!
This is what I wear today. I had such a long day at university and it still is not over for today.. Puuhh.. It is really cold here, but still I refuse to wear my winter coat and my EMU boots, because there is a principle involved and it says: it is too early for winter!!!As I already talked about sth new I bought, look at my amazing new knitted jacket. I got it from H&M and it costs about 25 Euro,that was a bargain, plus it keeps you very warm and the waterfall style is just adorable(at least for me it is).
Have I ever told you that I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland?No? Ok , now you know it, because I found an amazing calender for 2011 which has pictures of Alice in Wonderland in it.When I saw the calender I thought I might pee my pants, because I was looking for such a thing for ages. Maybe I'll show you how it looks later. So I've babbled a lot for today:-). Have a nice evening you all!!!XOXO
P.S: I have to show you a better pic of my Zara jacket soon..
Shirt: Mango
Jacket: Zara
Knitted jacket/Scarf: H&M


  1. also in milan is getting colder each day.... i really like the camel colour of the knitted jacket

  2. lusting that stripped top!!

  3. Congrats you are really pretty! and I like your style alot too :)
    I'm just loving that H&M scarf sweater I'll go buy one ASAP!

    Check out my fashion blog if you want

  4. wow sweety your blog is so nice <3 i love it. i follow youuu now <3 mybe you follow me back mhm? big kisses, ayse

  5. great jacket.