Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

My Sunday with the First Spring Flowers...

I have been really sick the whole week. My boyfiend infected me!It was really bad that both of us were sick at the same time, because we had nobody to take care of us, to boil tea water and stuff like that. So we just lay there..suffering... I had very high fever and I felt better for the first time on Sunday (I was sick since tuesday morning..AAAHH!!!!)
Anyway, now it's way better!!Thank God!

I just realized that we are moving very soon.. So excited.. Finally!

Sunday we went for a walk in the park since I haven't been out since tuesday and felt a little bit better. And what I discovered made my heart jump. I have to say I like winter and all the snow and stuff like that, but just for one or two months. And our winter was a very hard one last year with loads of snow and cold. I was craving for warmer and sunnier days and then I discovered the first spring flowers. I was so happy about this that I wanted to share this with you! This made me smile and I want to make you smile as well!

In the afternoon we ate the best cake ever! It's from a little cafe and I love the choclate cake there. You could call it an obsession!

How do you like the shirt I'm wearing? Loved the fit and the buttons, which go all along the back(Hope you can see that in the post).

Today I will visit a Pilates course for the first time! Hope I'll like it I definitely have to do some more sports!Tell you how it was later!!! Have a nice tuesday...XOXO


  1. I love your T-shirt!
    Come to my blog, I made a new post.

  2. Oh good luck with pilates, it's going to be a little painful the first days, but it gets better in time, you're gonna love the results, cute top!


  3. your look is lovely!


  4. Thank you so much for your nice comments. XOXO