Donnerstag, 21. April 2011


I bought the most amazing earrings in the world just one hour ago and I had to show them here on the blog straight away.
To get the feeling why I am so happy about these earrings you have to consider that I'm obsessed with skulls... I mean I don't just like them I am obsessed!!! That is a reason why I even have a silver skull as decoration in my living romm which I'll show you some time but that is another story:-)
Back to the earrings:-)
I wanted some kind of these like forever. With a skull and a pretty(!!!) cross. But I never found a cross that I liked and today I was just walking by a shop window and just took a quick glance and there they were!
They come from Thomas Sabo and have a silver skull and a cross with many little black onyx stones. How amazing they are!!! And they were the last pair and you couldn't even order them anymore AND I got a discount!!!! Lucky me today:-))))
Now it's just the skull ring from Thomas Sabo that is still missing!!!
Now I am off to univerisity! Last day today and then we have Easter holiday which is not so long but you have to look on the bright side of life and the weather forecast says it will be sunny all week..yaayyy...

Enjoy your day!XOXO

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