Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Dear Mr and Mrs Weather...

Dear Mr and Mrs Weather,

please make it warm (like about 21 degrees)and sunny, no rain, at the weekend so that I can war these beautiful things I bought... I am really sick of too cold weather and rain, because I want to wear ballerinas and sandals and tees with shorts and I also want to get a bit tanned....
Thank you very much!!!

So, I hope that'll work out to become a sunny weekend:-)
I want want want summer right now...
Anyway, next week university starts again and my schedule will be full as always.
These are the things I bought some weeks ago, but I was never able to show you guys!!!
What do you think?
My favourites are the cream-colored tee and the high heels. I am really into cream colors right now and can't wait to wear them and the shoes: so 70ies...

Now it's breakfast time.. Have a nice day!!XOXOXO

tees and shoes: H&M
jumper: Primark

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